News and Noteworthy in Expatria: 16-22 March 2015

St. Patrick’s Day celebrated worldwide

17 March 2015 marked the commemoration of St. Patrick’s day and if you wanted a barometer for the extent of our global interconnectedness then its worth looking into. Paddy’s day seems more a global event than a national one, a holiday hallmarked by the diaspora with their hodgepodge of nationalistic saccharine sentimentality; Guinness sunk down with cries of ‘Slainte!’

Celebrations across North America have become historical tradition, however the festival of St. Patrick now extends as far as Shanghai and Korea.

Expat tax reform enters political debate in America?

The United States of America Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) has been a hotly debated topic since its inception. The Act, which requires extra-nationals to pay tax in their native U.S.A, has led to record numbers of Americans renouncing their citizenship. Its reported that the Senate now look to act to revise the legislation.

Facebook to lend a hand to expatriate-focussed businesses

Facebook has recently announced the introduction of a tool that will make targeting online expats much easier and, hopefully, more effective. Estimates reckon there’s a 92 million strong expat facebook field to be found by relevant businesses. This statement was provided by Facebook:

‘Expats aren’t just using Facebook to keep in touch with people. Brands, organizations, celebrities and news outlets also offer a vital connection to home.’


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