Intrepid explorer and expat! Some global news of note for you! 30 March – 6 April 2015

Cameron Veitch records his expatriated life in the Pacific Islands.

Documentary maker makes a visit to the Costa del Sol

Britain’s most famed, or at least most caricatured expat, the englishman in Spain who hollers ‘hola!’, counts ‘dos cervezas’ as a GCSE and points instead of speaking is explored in Matt Rudge’s film. Rudge questions whether the love-affair with the Costa del Sol is curtailing, there’s an odd part of me that’d miss the sunburnt and sunstroked Brits of Spain.

‘The rise of the expat-preneur’

As an employee of a former one, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the survey without sharing this piece in the Wall Street Journal. Kaitlin Solimine observes the ease at which expats adopt the role of entrepreneur in their adoptive state.

Globalisation is made startlingly apparent in a 2011 survey:

‘For decades, expats have been sent abroad by multinationals—a 2011 survey by Brookfield Global Relocation Services found that 58% of company revenues were generated outside the country of a company’s headquarters.

I can’t say I’m surprised at Solimine’s observations, I feel expats are fast to see the market opportunities in a ‘new’ nation that acts as a fresh slate. Expat centres such as Singapore and Hong Kong appear buttressed by the ‘expat-preneur’.

The search for the ‘real’ Dubai

In a well-written tale of an Emirati camel race, an expat finally finds hermself out of place (if that makes sense) amongst the throngs of locals.

The article put me out to ponder, wondering if this was in some way the ‘real’ Dubai as I’d argue the real Dubai, however synthetic it seems, is found in the present – its towering blocks of metal and glass. Annabel Kantaria sure found a piece of cultural tradition but I think you’d be going in circles (much like the camels) finding reality in Dubai.


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