Another Week in Expatriate News: 9-15 March 2015

The Destruction of Cyclone Pam recalled by Vanuatu-based British Expat

The Category 5 storm that swept through the Pacific Islands with winds upwards of 150mph has left the island of Vanuatu in disrepair. The historic storm has claimed at least 24 lives and displaced a further 3,300 according to the UN.

Expat Maggie Crawford, who runs a Scuba-diving centre, recalled the storm that ‘lasted 30 hours’ in the Express, stating ‘If you look at how everything is today it’s heartbreaking. The before and after would make you want to cry.’

HSBC guides expatriates where to bank live

Men’s Journal and Yahoo Travel have revealed the bank’s insights into expatriate life, adding to the the myriad of lists that tell expats where to displace themselves. Surprisingly, tax haven, Switzerland tops the list, followed by Singapore, Germany, China and Bahrain. According to their survey, economic stability and growth appear the essential criteria for those based overseas.

The BBC have also provided insights into why Singapore proves to be such a popular destination amongst expats. It comments on how a weighty wage packet and a city moulded to foreign pallets has made it a utopian metropolis for global business people.

Is an expatriate life one of rejuvenation or wearing?

Sofia McFarland, blogging for the Wall St. Journal, questioned whether moving country can turn back the clock and rejuvenate the world weary traveller. Hong Kong has become an elixir of life for the internationally-based. Age, like nationalities, lose their rigid distinctions in a land heavily populated by expatriates of all shapes and sizes.

However, Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher have come down with Jaded Expat Syndrome and documented it in the Huffington Post. The couple comment on the weariness of the well-trampled expats of Mexico, old hands worn by a life abroad…


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